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Customisable Software Solution Examples

>Customer or Contact Management:  - Track all calls and communications with your Customer. Add Automatic reminders to follow up events.

>Stock or Inventory Management:     - Know exactly what you have, where it is and what it is worth.

>Asset Management:     - Know what you own, who is responsible, what it cost and what it's now worth.

>Service Management:     - Track all jobs. Prevent delays to customers. Focus on critical areas. Report on performance.

>Sales:     - Record Quotes, add orders, track deliveries and invoice your customers.

>Purchasing:     - Record supplier quotes, create purchase orders, manage goods receipts...

>Cashbook / Ledger:    - Track your finance, reconcile with your bank accounts. Calculate GST Automatically.

>Staff  Timesheets / Labour Billing:     - Manage jobs, staff  and time.

>Project Managemant:     - Plan your Jobs, Materials and timings.

>Equipment Booking Systems:     - Allocate equipment and resources. Handle overruns and delays, produce invoices.

>Performance / Achievement Tracking:    - Record and analyse performance. Identify common trends.

>Membership / Loyalty Systems:    - Record and track individuals history and transactions.

>Automated Mail - Out Systems:     - Send emails and letters to targeted recipients.

>Automated Data Analysis:    - Import from external systems, reformat, analyse and report.

>Excel Automation of manual tasks:    - Import from external systems, reformat, sort, filter and chart at the click of a button.

>Any combination of above:    - Just as you need it...

>Custom Solutions:  -  To meet your own specific process or almost any other requirement.

>Other Database Solutions :  -  Track the data you need and let us help find the secrets it contains to get ahead of the pack!

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